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Mirapet Collapsible Pet Crate

Mirapet Collapsible Pet Crate

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  • GET THE BEST FOR YOUR PETS: Our crates collapsible hard sided design means more protection and easy storage. The 360° vent coverage lets your pets stay cool and comfortable at all times.
  • TAKE YOUR PETS EVERYWHERE: Our carriers are airline and IATA approved! The hard-sided design gives your pets more protection during the hustle of travel. Optional Purchasing of the Mirapet Crate Travel Kit makes traveling easier, with the inclusion of straps, wheels, and reusable zip-ties! 
  • FLAT TO READY IN SECONDS: The easy snap-in-place design means our carriers go from flat to standing in seconds with no hassle. Just pull up at the top handle, snap down the lock on each side, and snap the front and back into place.
  • HEAVY-DUTY RELIABILITY: Mirapet Carriers unlike other crates, cages, and kennels come in one solid piece with no tools needed for setup or collapsing. The hard sided walls and floor use ultra-durable, easy-to-clean plastic for lightweight reliable protection wherever you go.
This collapsible pet crate is easy to store, clean and take on the go. Pets will feel comfortable and secure in our sturdy crate design. The best part about this crate carrier is when you are finished using it and ready to store, both walls fold in and fit into the top and bottom trays - this makes it compact, easy-to-store, and flat! Make life with your pets easier from set up to clean up!


User-Friendly Collapsible Design
Built-in Handle for Carrying
Effortless Storage
Easy to Clean



    Large Size (L x W x H) inches
    Open: 35" W x 21" W x 27" H
    Collapsed: 35" W x 21" W x 5.5" H 
    Weight: 31 lbs

    Medium Size (L x W x H) inches
    Open: 26” x 15.3” x 18.8”
    Collapsed: 26” x 15.3” x 5.5”
    Weight: 13 lbs

    Small Size (L x W x H)  inches
    Open: 21.5” x 12” x 14”
    Collapsed: 21.5” x 12” x 5.5”
    Weight: 8 lbs
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 25 reviews

    This crate was so reasonably priced, sturdy and convenient! Nice collapsible design for easy storage. Airline approved. Price of crate with mat was cheap! And I love that it had an accessory to purchase wheels for the crate that can easily come on or off! Love love love it! So pleased. Looking at purchasing a couple more.

    Judy May
    Crate ok/customer support terrible

    i was intrigued by the design of the crate and decided to try it. I bought the medium, as I could see the small one wasn’t adequate for my Papillon to stand comfortably. The medium is too heavy.

    Your “Assembly Manual” (one page sheet) is woefully inadequate, as it doesn’t address the matter of putting the crate back down. It is not intuitive. Since the back door goes down last, one would assume that this back door would be the first to go down. As that didn’t work, I could not close the two clasps to complete closure.

    In frustration, I reached out for customer support. I explained a couple of times that the crate was not closed enough to allow me to finalize with the two clips. The few responses were not only unhelpful, one was utterly insulting, as I received a video of someone closing the clips.

    Ultimately, after injuring my knuckles in attempts to close the crate, I discovered for myself to release the front door first. This, after asking with no result for a video on closing the crate.
    I finally got one, but far too late, as after hurting myself, I discovered the solution by myself.

    Needless to say, I am disgusted with customer service, and I strongly advise you to add closing instructions to your “Assembly Manual”.

    Eric R.
    Making Things Right

    I was missing a portion of my order and reached out via email to the support email. Within 48hrs, I received communication and tracking information for my replacement items. This was one of the easiest experiences I've had in dealing with missing items from orders. I am a repeat customer of MiraPet and will remain one for future purchases.

    Moshe Michael

    Mirapet Collapsible Pet Crate

    Alan Rush
    Broke out in less than 25 minutes

    It is nice looking and easy to set up, but not heavy duty. Our first trial was for a mere 5 minutes, and in that time she had chewed a big hole in the “tear proof” pad. Our second trial without a pad was for 25 minutes and in that time our 10 month old was able to escape by chewing off a corner of the door and pulling it in. We’ll continue use it when traveling in the back seat of the truck and in a hotel room while we sleep, but we are afraid to leave her alone in the crate.